1. The Rise of CEAT Cricket Bats

    You may have noticed the increase in the number of players in the Indian cricket team proudly sporting the Ceat Cricket Bat.

    It is a brand now very strongly associated with star India opener Rohit Sharma. In 2015-16, Rohit made the switch from Adidas to CEAT. In that time, Rohit has amassed huge runs in limited overs cricket, and has now made a magnificent start to life as a Test opener in India’s 3-0 Test series win against South Africa

  2. Cricket Bowling Practice: Five Great Tips to Improve Your Bowling

    Like all sports, cricket needs practice, commitment and focus. However, it can be argued that cricket is one sport that requires some of the most meticulous and in-depth practice to improve as a cricketer.

    Cricket, while a lot of fun, is a technical sport that requires players hone on their skills. However, a big positive about cricket – particularly bowling – is that you can practice your execution on your own using a few great methods.

  3. Bowler's Guide : Choosing the Right Cricket Shoes

    Bowling can be an enjoyable, rewarding aspect of the great game of cricket. Successfully outwitting batsmen and picking up wickets is one of the great feelings for bowlers.

    However, bowling can be taxing on the body. For fast bowlers, it is said that joints such as the knees, ankles and feet withstand up to seven times one’s body weight. Spinners also experience strain on the lower body when swivelling and pushing through the crease for maximum revolutions on the ball.

  4. How does Online Cric Store compare to other online cricket stores?

    OnlineCricStore, the world’s largest cricket store, is heaven for cricket players and lovers all over the world.

    The rise of the online world has seen many other online cricket stores established. Customers can enjoy researching, comparing and purchasing products online, whenever convenient to them.

  5. 3 Tips to Choose Cricket Batting Pads

    Selecting the right cricket equipment is crucial to performance. Whether it be a cricket bat or a pair of batting gloves, it is important that the gear your purchase is comfortable and enables you to perform at your best.

  6. Top 3 Savage Cricket Bats to Buy in 2019

    Are you after a high-quality bat without breaking the bank?

    Savage Cricket, in just a couple of months, has sold well over 100 bats to cricket players around the world.

    Why Savage Cricket?

    The team at Online Cric Store had a vision:

  7. 5 Reasons why the MRF Chase Master could be your Next Bat

    The MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat is very prominently known around the globe, capturing attention by its classy, elegant look.

    If you are in the market for a new blade, the MRF Chase Master might just be the option for you. We will cover five key reasons why this bat could be your next, with the goal ultimately being scoring more runs on the pitch.

  8. 3 Great Nike Cricket Shoes to Buy Online

    'Just do it'. 

    It is a slogan we are all very familiar with. Nike continues to remain one of the leaders in bringing inspiration and motivation to athletes globally, producing solutions that enable sportsmen and women to perform at their best.

  9. Top 3 Cricket Batting Gloves to Purchase in 2019

    Cricket batting Gloves are an important investment! They need to be comfortable enough, so you don’t notice them when playing.

    You should consider how you will protect your gloves after purchase. Specifically, there are four things to keep in mind:

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  10. 6 Great Tips to Improve as a Cricketer

    Playing cricket is in our blood. Ever find yourself shadow batting when bored or have an item such as an umbrella in your hand? Given we are so passionate about the great game, we always feel we must do it (and ourselves) justice by performing well!


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