5 Ways to Choose Perfect Cricket Bat - Buyer's Guide


There are a few more exciting things in life than buying a new cricket bat!

Watching our favorite cricketers go about their work, at least part of our minds is always stuck in playing like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Rohit Sharma or Steve Smith. This comes down to their bat, and speaking from experience, the MRF was a favorite because of growing up watching Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Waugh, and Brian Lara plunder bowling attacks.

But, amid the excitement, there are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect cricket bat for you. This guide should hopefully give you an idea of the kind of bat right for you!

5 Ways to Choose Perfect Cricket Bat - Buyer's Guide




Your style of play, and the conditions you typically play in

Your style of play is an important factor in choosing the right cricket bat. Are you an accumulator, or big hitter? Do you wish to play longer forms of cricket, or are you mainly interested in T20? For example, a T20 player might go for a bat with bigger edges and a longer handle so they can get as much leverage as possible to get the ball traveling miles. For an accumulator, it is not as important to have the huge edges, but rather a bat that enables optimal bat speed.

Also, cricket bats vary in terms of profiles, edges and sweet spots. The conditions you typically play in should be considered when selecting a cricket bat. Do you play mostly in low, slow conditions? That will require a lower sweet spot on the bat. The opposite applies if you play in bouncier conditions.


When looking for the perfect cricket bat, the size of the bat is paramount.

Your height is your guide to choosing the right sized bat. If your bat is either too short or tall, you will find your shape completely imbalanced when lining up to face a delivery. You don’t want to be crouching down too low when getting ready to face a delivery because your bat is too short, nor too upright because your bat is too long. Performance can then suffer because you aren’t in the perfect position right away to play the delivery.

So, what size will be best for you? Below is your go-to guide. Generally, with the right sized bat, you would be able to place it upright against your leg and have the palm of your hand touching the top of the handle, whilst standing up nice and straight.

If you’ve had a good bat before, you would be very confident about choosing a bat without these tests.

Bat Size



Like the size, the weight is also vital to choose a bat right for you.

Professional cricketers typically use bats that are 2’9-2’11 pounds which is considered average or slightly heavier. However, you can still select a great bat at a slightly lower weight, especially if you are not regularly in the gym. These days, powerful bats don’t mean heavy, a real picture of how far bat-making has come.

One great way to determine whether a bat is a right weight is to hold it out in front of you with your top hand. If your hand is not steady, the bat is too heavy. Another is to position yourself in your stance as if you are about to face a delivery and lift and hold the bat with your top hand. If you are nice and steady, you have the right weighted bat.

As mentioned, if you’ve had a good bat before, you would be very confident about choosing a bat without these tests.


Your Budget

A selection of cricket bats is like heaven for cricket lovers!

But, this can also mean being overwhelmed by too many options. If you have a set budget in mind, this will help you focus more on the bats suited to your price range. Of course, if you play often against good quality bowling, you need to ensure you pick up a high-quality bat. But, for example, there could be instances where you are buying a bat for your child who is constantly growing. In this case, a lower budget might help as you may need to change the bat in a year or two’s time.

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Willow Grade and Number of Grains on Bat

Depending on your budget, there are a few options you have when selecting a bat.

If you are willing to spend more on a bat, Grade One or Two bats are excellent options. For lower budgets, lower grades are suitable options, but always keep in mind you can still pick up a good quality bat.

“Bat Grains” refers to the quality of the willow of your bat. The more grains, and the straighter they are, the better the quality of the bat.


So, these five things should help you choose a cricket bat right for you.

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Enjoy the beautiful game of cricket to the fullest!

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