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Everyone knows Cricket is one of the most popular games in the entire world. Cricket players or lovers spend half of their life playing for their country.

Some games need quality accessories and equipment to enhance the level and secure their players;

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However, in this blog, we will briefly describe the best Cricket helmet of 2021 available in the Online Cric Store. All types of the range are available on Cricket Helmet that gives confidence, courage, and fearlessness to the batsman.

A Cricket Helmet is an absolutely most necessary item for batsmen and Wicket-keeper. A helmet is a protective gear that protects batsman and wicket-keeper from any injury. A Cricket helmet should be lightweight, comfortable to wear for players.

We have a collection of the best Cricket Helmets for 2021 in this blog. So, choose which of the best for you with impeccable protection and phenomenal comfort;

Let's have a look at the best helmets for 2021…!!!

From a wide range of Cricket Helmets, it is important for Cricket lovers to pick out the best and right Helmet. This is one of the main exciting parts of Cricket shopping!!

We are offering Cricket Helmets with great attractive designs, better protection, comfortable cushioning manufacturing by great sports companies.

Helmet based on two levels:



1. Shrey Cricket - Helmet

Shrey is the most popular Cricket Helmets manufacturing brand.  This Helmet has a strong and durable construction which is pretty reliable and protects you while playing with the latest Cricket Helmets. 

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  • Strong and Durable steel grill
  • Lightweight
  • Great ventilating system
  • Profuse built
  • Fixed grill for increased safety
  • Cloth Cover
  • Adjustable Face grill

2. SS Elite Cricket Helmet:

SS Elite Cricket Helmet has made a lot of quality and is used by a lot of International Cricketers. Some of the salient features of the beautifully designed SS Elite Cricket Helmet:


  •   SS Elite Cricket Helmet has Polypropylene Construction
  •   SS Elite - Strong and Durable Construction
  •   Moulded Foam in the inner Shell for Shock Absorbent
  •   Have sweat-absorbent Lining and comfortable foam
  •   Adjustable hardened powder-coated steel wire faceguard grill
  •   SS Elite helmet has Chinstrap for extra support

Note:  SS Elite is Available in all sizes-small, medium, and large; just visit our store - Online Cric Store

3. Shrey Masterclass Air 2.0 Stainless Steel

The Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Stainless Steel Helmet's key features – It is lightweight, comfortable protection for Cricketers to all levels of the game.

So, shop SHREY Master Class Air 2.0 Stainless Steel from India’s No 1 sports retailer. Visit for in-store or online orders and start saving today!


  • Weight approximate 920gms -940gms
  • Special feature: Advanced Air Flow System.
  • New improved feature - fixed Grille with increased facial and side protection
  • Removable and washable swoppa band.
  • Cushion pads for better fit and comfort.
  • High-grade ABS composite shell
  • Shrey Masterclass Air Helmet extended at the back for increased safety.

4. Shrey Masterclass Air 2.0 Titanium Helmet

Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Helmet - This is the currently lightest Cricket Helmet in the market. Certified with the latest British Safety Standards and used at the International level by Pro Cricketers!


  • Shrey Masterclass Air 2.0 features Titanium Grille and a removable washable sweatband.
  • Weight approx. 740 grams
  • Increased Facial and side protection.
  • High-grade Xenoy composite shell.
  • Helps in better visibility and utmost strength.
  • Conforms to the latest ICC/BS 2013 safety standards with both 4 3/4 and 5 1/2 OZ balls.

5. Shrey Koroyd Titanium Cricket Helmet

Following ten years of innovation for action sports, Shrey Koroyd Titanium Cricket Helmet leverages Koroyd impact absorption technology.

  • High-quality lightweight Cricket Helmet.
  • The approximate weight is 730 grams.
  • Koroyd Titanium Cricket Helmet includes a complimentary Neck Guard, Rear Pad, Spare Velcros, and Carry bag
  • Providing more advanced impact protection.
  • Anti-bacterial, fast Wicking padding
  • Shock absorption side plates
  • Top grade Titanium Visor.

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