Do Asics Make Good Cricket Shoes?

Why is Asics one of the world’s most established and popular sports brands?

Founded in 1949, Asics has since prided itself on helping both athletes and the everyday person reach their goals. Whether it is achieving great things on a sports field or simply living a healthier lifestyle, Asics has continued to develop its offerings in the face of a rapidly changing world.

Asics Cricket Shoes

Asics’ move into cricket

Asics is well known for manufacturing clothing and shoes for runners.

However, they have moved into a range of sports, including cricket. Along with being the official kit manufacturer of the Australian cricket team, Asics is home to some of the world’s most popular cricket shoes. Focused on style, comfort and performance, Asics caters to all kinds of cricketers and budgets, ensuring that as many players as possible enjoy their benefits.

Onlinecricstore is home to three excellent options, catering for both batsmen and bowlers. In this article, we will explore each Asics Cricket Shoes, and how it could be the right fit for you.

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3. Asics 5 Peake Gel Rubber Cricket Shoe

Asics Gel Peake 5

Are you a batsman that plays on synthetic/non-turf pitches? The Asics 5 Peake Gel Rubber Cricket Shoe can allow any batsman to bat with confidence, with comfort, style and quality all packaged in one, with an affordable price to go with it.

Why is this the right shoe for you?

  • Strong Flexibility: It is important you have the right shoes to support all your movements, including moving forward and back, as well as running hard between the wickets. The Peake Gel Rubber shoe has this benefit.

  • Light-weight: The last thing you want is to wear heavy shoes when batting! Uncomfortable shoes can impact concentration and footwork. The Peake Gel Rubber shoe is nice and light on the feet.

  • Rubber Sole and Strong Grip: Move forward, back and down the pitch without the fear of slipping over.

Onlinecricstore offers this option for INR 4,900 (US$73.99). You can enjoy a further 5% off by using the code CHARBEL5 at checkout.

2. Asics Strike Rate FF Cricket Spikes Shoes

Asics Strike Rate FF Cricket Spikes

Play on turf pitches and looking for a comfortable option? The Asics Strike Rate FF Cricket Spikes Shoes is one of the most popular options on the market right now.

Why is this the right shoe for you?

  • Flytefoam Midsole Technology: Now, that might be a fancy word, but it has a very simple benefit. Flytefoam is constructed using groundbreaking midsole foam in the Asics Sports Institute of Science, which is 55% lighter than industry standard. So, you will be able to play harder for longer as the shoe is so light on you

  • Durable: These shoes have been manufactured with care, backed by technology and science. So, they are built to last longer and give you value for money.

  • Appealing look: Cricketers take pride in their equipment. With a look like this, any player would be proud to own a pair.

You can have the Asics Strike Rate FF Cricket Spikes Shoes at a 5% discount using the code CHARBEL5 at checkout.

1. Asics Gel 300 NOT OUT Spikes Shoes

Asics Gel 300 Not Out Spikes

The Asics Gel 300 NOT OUT Spikes Shoes are similar to the Strike Rate FF option. The key difference is that the Gel NOT OUT suits all disciplines of cricket, not just batting and fielding. Also, this option is constructed a little differently.

Why are these the right shoes for you?

  • Bowler? You’re in the right place. Perfect for turf pitches, with the option to take your spikes off for non-turf pitches, the 300 NOT OUT option offers flexibility for all kinds of bowlers.

  • PU Construction and Flexible Outsole: PU refers to Polyurethane, which is a flexible foam. This material is one of the most popular used in common comfortable furniture. Here, Asics have embedded this in shoes for maximum comfort.

  • Strong Grip and Beautiful Look:Landing on your feet, particularly as a bowler, requires great support from your shoes. The 300 NOT OUT option allows for either spikes or studs, depending on the pitch you play on. Plus, like the Strike Rate FF, it has a beautiful look.

Onlinecricstore provides the Asics Gel 300 NOT OUT Spikes Shoes option for INR 10,999 (US$162.79). Enjoy a further 5% off this price by using the code CHARBEL5 at discount

So, there is some insight into the excellent cricket shoes that Asics provides. Comfort and durability is important to cricketers, and given that many professional cricketers wear Asics, it is clear to see that any of the above three options is a fine choice for players.

Written by Charbel Coorey, owner of CricBlog

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