English willow vs Kashmir willow bat

English willow vs Kashmir willow bat

Willow is the only wood used to make cricket bats. A batsman may be talented, but a good bat offers extra value in his game. Willow provides the perfect combination of strength and pressure needed for a cricket belt. Currently, there are two types of willows used in the production of cricket bats.


Kashmir Willow and English Willow have been used in all nooks and rooms of the world where cricket is played. Willows are found in one tree; Salix Alba. Is one of them the following blog answers these questions. So, join and be ready to hear the Willows War

In this article, we have in mind mainly question is "English willow vs Kashmir willow bat’’ Simply put, you can distinguish between the two states by their appearance. Kashmir willow is usually brown/black in color. English willow, on the other hand, is white and very light.

There are other important variations listed below before we get into where the willow may be right for you!


English Willow

Growing up in England, the English Willow is abundant in areas where the soil is soft, and conditions are wet. These conditions give the wood a soft and spongy texture, making it spring-lasting and durable. This absorption reduces the amount of pressure, which is felt when the batsman faces a fast delivery. Mildness also contributes to the strength of the bats as bats are not harmed by the impact of heavy cricket balls.


Kashmir Willow

Grown in the very arid conditions, Kashmir Willow is found mainly on the Indian subcontinent. Circumstances give the wood its heavy and heavy structures. The bats made of them are much heavier than their English counterparts in the spring and soft. It also means that the animal is not good, takes the effect of a quick delivery, and does not last long when played with a strong leather ball.

How can you differentiate?

An easy way to tell the difference between the two species of willows is obvious. English Willows are usually whiter than those of Kashmiri. They look very shiny when finished. The reddish-brown lines known as grain are prominent in English Willows. The shape of the strands in Kashmir Willows is horizontal, while the English Willow inserts straight strands. Impact noise also helps to distinguish two types of willows. The English Willows have a soft ping while the Kashmiri has a hard and sharp ping.


Who is the victor in the battle?

Based on the comparisons made above, it is safe to say that English Willows are better to use if you want to follow cricket well. England Cricket bat are more expensive than Kashmiri and should be kept. But bats made of Kashmir Willows are cheap and neglected. So, if you are a fan of gully cricket, then the Kashmir Willow Bats are the ones to choose from! But if you want to get into the big leagues, then the English Willow bats are yours. Thank you for reading.