How to Apply Cricket Bat Toe Guard

The Cricket Bat Toe Guard is one of the most important pieces of bat protection equipment for any player!

Usually, a new bat comes with a toe guard. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have to apply a toe guard yourself one day. Toe guards can easily wear out, given how many times a cricket bat meets the surface. This includes when getting ready to face a ball, digging out a yorker, or as sliding your bat in to make your ground when running between wickets.

How to Aplly Cricket Bat Toe Guard

So, the significant focus should be on all aspects of your bat, including your toe. The toe is a crucial element of the bat to protect. However, if your bat doesn’t come with a toe guard, or your existing one begins to wear out, don’t fret! It is easy to apply a new toe guard with the below five steps.

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Step 1: Use sandpaper to sand the bat toe

If you are applying a new toe guard to your current bat, then sanding the toe is super important to remove any excess adhesive from the previous toe guard.

Also, if you are applying a toe guard to a new bat, it is still important to sand the toe. This is to ensure the toe is as smooth as possible to ensure easy application of the toe guard.

Step 2: Apply adhesive to bat toe and toe guard

A toe guard pack comes with adhesive. Synthetic rubber-based adhesive works fine for applying a toe guard for your bat, as opposed to super glue which could ruin the toe.

The key here is to apply adhesive evenly on the smooth side of the toe guard as well as the toe of your bat. Once applied, leave as is for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Re-apply adhesive to bat toe and toe guard

Once the 15 minutes are up, then re-apply the adhesive as per point one. Re-applying the adhesive ensures a very strong base to apply your toe guard.

Then, immediately place your toe-guard on your bat, evenly pressing the guard across the toe of the bat.

Step 4: Apply pressure to the toe guard

After you have pressed the toe guard evenly with your hand across the toe of the blade, you can apply pressure to it. The best way is to tape it down with strong adhesive tape from different angles, as per the below image.

You need to keep the toe guard in a secure position for at least 10-12 hours.

Step 5: Cut off any excess toe guard

Sometimes, the toe guard will be too big (as per the above image). After the toe guard has been applied, you can use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the guard to fit the toe of the bat.

So, with those five easy steps, your new toe guard is in place and your bat has that crucial extra protection!

Written by Charbel Coorey,

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