Top 5 SS Cricket Bats in Budget for 2018-2019

Top 5 SS Cricket Bats in Budget for 2018-2019

SS or Sareen Sports is Meerut, India based Cricket Equipment Company which deals in high-quality Cricket products. It was established by Mr. N.K Sareen in 1969. SS is having good International marketing like UK, USA, Bangladesh, Canada, and Sri Lanka

Top 5 SS Cricket Bats 

SS Cricket Bats are admired by many International Players and these bats have gained a lot of popularity among budding cricketers. Let’s have a look at Top 5 SS Cricket Bats in Budget.

SS White Edition Blue 

SS White Edition is new Series from SS which has some really good bats. One of the Bats in this series is SS White Edition Blue. What I personally like is the shape and design of this bat. This Bat is made with Grade 2 Willow for advance level of Cricket Players. Here are some of the features of this bat

SS White Edition Blue Cricket Bat

  • Round Handle

  • Concave Edges

  • Huge Edges with Super Rebound Quality

  • Good Shock Absorption 

  • Great Bat Control

  • 5-7 Grains 

SS T20 Strom  

SS T20 Strom is another Value for Money Bat from SS. A Light Weight Bat with a good number of grains. Check out its features

SS T20 Strom Cricket Bat


  • The Handle is made from Sarawak Combination Cane

  • It has scale grip, Which helps in great comfort

  • 38-40 mm is Thickness of Edges

  • 1160 to 1180 grams weight

  • Great Driving Power and Shock Absorption 

SS TON Glory 

SS TON Bats are always known for their great durability and hitting power. One of the bats in this family is SS TON Glory. The Camouflage design makes me feel great when I handle this bat. Another Value for Money and bags number three position in our list. Here are some of the features

SS TON Glory 

  • Round Handle and Concave Edges

  • Hand Selected Super Grade English Willow

  • Great Grip and Control

  • Thick Edges

  • Good Shock Absorption Thick Edge

SS Master 99

SS Master 99 is the most affordable yet powerful bat launched by SS. I personally got a lot of good reviews about this one from our customers. This Bat was a tribute to Legend Kumar Sangakkara. Here are some features of this bat.

SS Master 99

  • Made from Top Grade English Willow

  • Made from Sarawak Cane Combination

  • 1140 to 1180 grams weight

  • 38-40 mm Edge thickness

  • Great Control and Comfort

SS TON Elite 

SS TON Elite makes it last to our list but don't underestimate this bat. Elite is one of the most selling bats and has already made its reputation amidst other top bats. It comes in all sizes. Just to tell, it was my first bat and is already working fine. Check out the features of this bat 

SS TON Elite 

  • Massive Edges

  • Light Weight Bat

  • It has a Perfect balance

  • 3 Tone Aqua Grips

  • Huge Playing Area

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So, We come to an end of Top 5 SS Cricket Bats in Budget. You can check other SS Cricket Bats from the above link. See you in the next blog. Play Hard. 


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