Why Should You Choose Savage Cricket Bats?

Cricket Lovers, are you looking for a new edition Savage Cricket Bats?

Then, you are in the right place for choosing a new Savage Cricket Bat; we have both light weight and heavy weight English Willow bats. 

Cricket fans and players are always keen to see new things in Cricket which is the best for them. 

We are here for you and will hopefully assist you in selecting your new product.

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We are dedicated to getting the best Savage Cricket Bats. Instead of Savage, you can take a look at other great brands like Gray-Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Adidas, Puma, Kookaburra, Spartan and more. 

A wide range of sizes Savage bats are available with some manufacturers offering unique variations. 

Savage English Willow Cricket bat is affordable; make an order at onlinecricstore.com with some offers and discounts. 

Key Points:

- Savage English Willow Edition Cricket bats is a grade 1 bats and hard pressed; 

- For a great stroke, it's traditionally shaped.

- This bat can be used for Club cricket matches

- Traditional Round shape

- Huge area on a bat located in the middle and lower middle end 

- The new edition comes from Savage with specially made full length padded cover.

- Broad and thick edges can be seen 

- Savage bat comes with 6 to 10 straight grains.

Important Note: Before buying Savage bat product, let’s understand the replacement term in case of product is

If you have doubt that your bat has cracked or split then you can replace it with an explaining note what happened; 

Secondly, if your bat is over 3 months old, no replacement!

Those Cricket Bats are not returnable or replaced, who’s used against bowling machines because these specially damage Cricket Bats.

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Savage Edition Cricket Bat of 2021 Online

SG Savage Edition English Willow Cricket bat series is a very special & unique. Learn about the features of the cricket bat and browse the link to buy!

  • World’s finest & unique English Willow Bat
  • These bats are specially for T-20 power play.
  • For power play, Savage editions contain more wood and thick edges.
  • One of the specialities that’s come with bat cover.
  • SG available in size SH, Harrow, 6 & 5
  • Toe type- Flat toe.

Hand Crafted

Each Cleft is unique, it is evaluated individually in order to enhance its performance & quality. A flawless SG bat is made up by multiple procedures and details in each. 

Big Sweet Spot

The SG Savage cricket bats have the largest sized  "sweetspot" available, which boosts confidence and emphasises strokeplay.

Powerdrive Handle

To enhance strength, the bat handle features many pieces of imported Sarawak Cane. This is essential for an extra bond between the handle and the blade, resulting in increased longevity and power transfer.

Big Edges

The large edge profile reduces the power loss caused by hits that are "off centre." The edges of SG bats measure up to 40mm, so you can rest assured that you'll lose very little.

Rounded Face Profile

The rounded face delivers a more precise power distribution throughout the hitting zone, yet it has a less imposing but more familiar look.

Light Weight

Light-weight bats are desired by some professional players. At SG, we work hard to exceed client expectations. We make more large bats than any other brand while simultaneously being lighter!

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Product name

Savage Edition

Product Type

Cricket Bat

Brand name


Willow type

English willow

Handle type

Short handle

Handle shape




You can check out the New SG savage edition cricket of 2021 @ here (https://www.onlinecricstore.com/cricket-bats/english-willow-cricket-bats), before placing the order, you can ask us for photos which will be shipped to you!

We look forward to hearing from you. If you need any more details regarding bat weight/grains, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message at (913-226-0006) or email (contactonlinecricstore@gmail.com).